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CAS Electrical & Automation Pvt. Ltd.


Manufacturer of PLC & MCC control Panel.


Compact I/O Chassis-Based Modules
Compact I/O Chassis-Based Modules INR 0 INR 0 Features Provides flexibility with DIN rail or panel mounting options Includes individual point diagnostic status indicators to ease troubleshooting Prevents incorrect positioning of module with software keying Connects as many as three banks of Compact I/O™ to a controller; requires use of a communication adapter module and power supply 1769 Compact Digital I/O Modules Offer a variety of AC and DC voltages Include 8…32 points per module Include contact output modules Include high speed input modules Offer input filtering Provide optical isolation 1769 Compact Analog I/O Modules Offer analog, thermocouple, and RTD modules Provide high accuracy ratings Include over-range and under-range detection and indication Include on-board scaling Offer selectable response to a broken input sensor Include ability to direct output device operation during an abnormal condition Provide individually configurable channels Include autocalibration of inputs 1769-AENTR I/O Modules Support single network strategy to EtherNet/IP TCP/CIP connection 96 Provide dual Ethernet ports for both DLR and linear topologies Simplify your system architecture with distributed I/O over EtherNet/IP Allow control migrations with re-use of existing 1769 I/O Include I/O packet rate of 10,000 pps Offer direct connection 1769 Compact Specialty I/O Modules Address reserve, ASCII, Boolean control, and high-speed counter modules available Direct 1769 platform connection to PowerFlex® drives and other devices through Compact I/O™ to DPI/SCANport™ and Compact I/O to DSI/Modbus modules Download Brochures Additional Information Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture Solutions provide the foundation to drive plantwide optimization efficiently and effectively, enabling you to respond competitively to the economy and changes in consumer demand. The Rockwell Automation® PartnerNetwork™ offers complementary product solutions for 1769 Compact I/O modules through the Encompass Product Reference program. True 1471516458
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